Ai TradeFi Hedge Fund Vaults  

to Tokenised RWA


Together- Further

$25 Trillion

Global Supply chain Opportunity

$2.5 Trillion

Global Trade Finance Opportunity

$2.5 Trillion

trade finance gap

Introducing Voy Finance

Unleashing Untapped Potential in Receivables: 

Tokenized Commodities, 

Pharmaceuticals & Energy

Unlocking financial growth in emerging markets through innovative invoice tokenization. Our solution transforms rejected invoices into valuable digital assets on the blockchain, gaining liquidity and access to broader capital. Robust risk mitigation opens up $3 trillion in previously unfinanced trade opportunities. Empowering businesses across Africa and other frontier markets with the growth capital they need. Catalyzing economic momentum, job creation, and inclusive financial access. The future of inclusive trade financing is here.

Vaults Fueling Unfinanced Invoices

ERC-4626 TradeFi vaults Ushering permissioned lending to VOY Tokenised document marketplace enabling once rejected finance to become financeable, removing fraud, risk and inefficiencies and expedites the entire process to seconds and support the reduction of the trade finance gap finally.

Fractionalised NFT 2.0 Marketplace

ERC-3643 T-REX, the new era of NFTs to tokenised docs, securities, invoices, and EBls standardised to MLETR complaint marketplace enabling fractionalised portfolio wallets, and enter in a new era of trade as highlighted by Blackrocks move into tokenised derivative funds.

Eli5 Web3 Zero Barrier & Smart Escrow

Retail and non bank financial institutions easy access to vault lending to ytrade finance enabling new liquidity int RWA lending secured by smart escrow contracts for even further risk mitigation and secure returns.

how does voy work

Trade Finance to TradeFi: MLETR Compliant Document Tokenisation

VOY transforms global asset management through tokenising invoices, streamlines transactions, fostering a more efficient, transparent, and secure global marketplace that can be fractionalised and sold as large portfolio moves.

the voy team

Meet the experts

Meet our passionate team, leading innovation and shaping the future of decentralized trade finance.

Lee Tarone


Dave Hopkins


Andrew Liaw


the voy team

Meet the experts

Meet our passionate team, leading innovation and shaping the future of decentralized trade finance.

Lee Tarone


Dave Hopkins​


Andrew Liaw​


Tom Reeves

Head Of Risk & Compliance


Charting our progress

At VOY Finance, our milestones define our digital trade finance journey, reflecting our commitment to innovation and progress.

October 2023
VOY joins TFDI and Tradeteq as partners.
October 2023
VOY announces the countdown to the end of presale, in preparation for public sale.
January 2022
VOY partners with XDC Network, the EVM-compatible competitive layer-1 blockchain.
September 2023
VOY undergoes a full strategic rebrand and restructure.
June 2022
VOY partners with fireblocks, the number 1 enterprise crypto management platform in the industry.


Here is what our community says.

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“Great! This is one of the best apps I have ever used before.”
Adam Watson
“Great! Compared to everything else I’ve ever used, this is the best app.”
Lisa Smith
“Great! This is one of the best apps I have ever used before.”
Nick Green


Your Questions, Our Answers

VOY seeks to connect DeFi liquidity with digital lending and settlement for tokenized net-zero trade, using MLETR documents to prioritize SME inclusion and ESG scoring for sustainable finance.

Yes, VOY Finance is the rebranded version of Envoy Finance.

Ticker of VOY token would be $VOY. Public sale would take place in Q1 of 2024.

VOY Finance is more in line with our thought of creating a sustainable, tradable and conscious finance environment for everyone.

Step into the conscious world of innovative trade finance.

We support trade finance, adopt technology, and provide sustainable solutions for financial institutions and businesses.