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Dive into a world where trade finance meets blockchain innovation. With VOY Token, you’re not just investing in a cryptocurrency; you’re backing a brighter, more sustainable future for global trade.

Token Info and Sale Rounds


150,000 Tokens


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The VOY Vision

Dive into a world where trade finance meets blockchain innovation. With VOY Token, you’re not just investing in a cryptocurrency; you’re backing a brighter, more sustainable future for global trade.

Voy’s mission is to democratize trade lending through DeFi, tapping into various DeFi pools to boost liquidity. With a $44 billion market cap, our integration into supply chain finance significantly reduces the trade finance gap, offering secure, high-yield returns of up to 24%.

Our DeFi Fund acts like a trusted bank or hedge fund, facilitating real-world lending to financial institutions with sophisticated strategies for impressive returns. This innovative approach combines traditional banking security with a transformative solution for SMEs, reshaping supply chain finance to compete with established financial entities.

At Voy, we aim to seamlessly blend traditional and decentralized finance to meet the evolving needs of today’s global economy. We’ve established a pioneering DeFi pool fund and a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to ensure community-driven decision-making. Our integration with a secure bank lending platform bridges the gap between traditional banking and DeFi, offering trustworthiness, structure, innovation, and agility. This synergy is set to revolutionize finance for transparent, efficient, and inclusive transactions.

Voy’s token operates as a DeFi pool across blockchains like XDC, Polygon, and Ethereum, serving as a decentralized alternative to traditional banks and funds. Its value is anchored to the Net Asset Value (NAV), particularly in supply chain finance.

These DeFi pools, similar to banks, consolidate capital from various sources, enhancing liquidity and simplifying borrowing and lending without intermediaries. The VOY smart contract system and DAO ensure transparency, automation, and minimized errors.

In supply chain finance, the Voy DeFi pool provides essential capital to businesses, streamlining supplier payments and inventory management. Our mission is to democratize trade lending, tapping into the $44 billion market cap to bridge the trade finance gap. We offer secure, high-yield returns of up to 24%, blending traditional banking security with innovative solutions for SMEs

The Voy token is a beacon of innovation in the ever-evolving world of decentralized finance.

Operating on a fixed supply model, it stands out not just for its scarcity but for its pivotal role in the vast domain of lending. Currently, this domain is valued at a staggering $2.5 trillion, and with the Voy token at its core, the potential for growth is boundless.

As the token becomes an integral part of funding trade activities, a significant portion gets locked away. This isn’t just a temporary state; it’s a strategic move. By reducing its circulating supply, we’re not only ensuring its active utility but also creating an environment where demand for the token surges. This heightened demand, juxtaposed with its limited availability, fosters a unique ecosystem where the token isn’t just seen as a digital asset but a valuable commodity.

As we progress, this sense of scarcity around the Voy token is set to become its defining trait, attracting investors and traders alike, eager to be part of this financial revolution.

At Voy, we’ve meticulously designed a system where the integrity of our lending pool assets remains paramount.

Safeguarded within the confines of a cutting-edge smart contract, these assets are not just stored; they are actively managed. As they reach maturity, they are issued and redeemed based on the Pool’s Net Asset Value (NAV). But what sets our system apart is the automation and transparency we’ve embedded into it.

The calculation of the Pool’s NAV isn’t done manually or behind closed doors; it’s executed entirely through a smart contract. This ensures that every investor, regardless of their stake, has a clear, transparent view of the pool’s performance and valuation. By leveraging this approach, we’re not only fostering trust but also optimizing returns. And the results speak for themselves: our strategy has the potential to yield impressive returns of up to 24%, a testament to the efficiency and effectiveness of our system.

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Dive deep into our vision, mechanics, and future plans.


VOY Token Sale Rounds

Engage in staking/farming through our NAV pool equation. Minimum staking on the VOY dashboard is valued at $1000. For DEX operations, staking is managed directly via the DEX. VOY staking into TradeFi requires KYC or prior associations with entities like MMI and institutional custodians.

Launchpad events are scheduled successively from October 2023, featuring platforms like Sphere Infinity PAD, XSwap, and Maker DAO.

Pre-TGE Private Sale

$0.06 / token

Launchpad Sale

$0.10 - $0.24 / token

Exchange List Price

$0.30 / token

Intuitive Platform
built on blockchain network.

Token integration
processes & analyzes data sets.

Global security through blockchain services.

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VOY Token Allocation

A balanced token spread ensuring long-term stability and robust ecosystem growth.


VOY Token (VOY)


Polygon, XDC, ERC-20




500 million




$1000 USD



Allocation of funds

A balanced token spread ensuring long-term stability and robust ecosystem growth.


VOY Token (VOY)






0.1 ETH = 20 ICN





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Secure Backup
Backup with ultra-high security
Wallets allow you to sync up to three cards, so if you lose, steal, or damage your main card, you can still use your wallet.


The Roadmap

  • Launch of multichain bridges
  • Growth of Dev Stack
  • Kick-off of Voy Development
  • Team growth arid development
  • VOY Roadmap Launch
  • User dash development
  • Rebrand from enVOY to VOY
  • Product: Yield Farming & Staking
  • Launch of Yield Farming & Staking Platform on Single-chain (Polygon)
  • Launch of Stake-To-Earn Program
  • Integration of PLI plugin onto platform
  • Lending app dev
  • Product/Fundraising: Voy Private Sale
  • Develop API Pilot for Bank
  • Build DeFi LP Corporate Partnerships
  • Launch business in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Major Ecosystem Partnerships with Key Leaders
  • Product: KYC Chain Collaboration
  • Launch of full corporate version for ESG
  • Trade Finance Integrations
  • Launchpads and DEX Listing
  • Launch MVP feature for ESG Data Exchange
  • Participation in UAE/MENA Exclusive Partner Program
  • Smart Contract and Product Audits
  • Webinars, AMAs, Fireside Chats & Events For Community
  • Launch of Staking & Farming on XDC/Polygon
  • Ecosystem Development and Global Partnerships
  • Product Update
  • Webinars, AMAs, Fireside Chats & Events For Community
  • Launchpads and more DEX Listings
  • Pilot trial with bank network


How to Participate in our Private Sale?

Understand the steps required to particiapate in the private round as seamlessly as possible.

Connect Wallet

Connect your wallet(Metamask or XDCPay).

Perform KYC

Fill KYC form with precise details, make sure to provide valid ID proof.

Participate in Sale

After KYC is approved, you can participate in Sale.

Simplified KYC Process

Our KYC Process is very simple, it requires few steps to feed in the required information and submit.

  • Valid ID Proof
  • Provide Amount you wish to purchase
  • Correct Wallet Address to send / receive
  • Wallet Address should belongs to (Polygon, Ethereum or XDC )

Instantly Purchase Voy Token

Through this platform, you can purchase the number of Voy Tokens that you preferred using USDT, ETH, WBTC from Ethereum network, XDC from XDC Netwok & MATIC from Polygon Network

Token is priced at $0.12 currently

For better user experience, please use Desktop / Laptop