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Responsible Business

We believe in a sustainable global economy through eco-green net-zero trade.

VOY’s vision

ESG & Net Zero

In an era marked by increased awareness of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns, we are experiencing a transition towards a sustainable global economy. Financial stakeholders, regulators, and the broader public are driving companies to align their strategies with sustainable development goals.


Triple Pillar System for Responsible Business

ESG strategy is a responsible business approach integrating environmental, social, and governance principles.

Environmental Concerns

With the pressing challenges of climate change, biodiversity
loss, and pollution, businesses must adopt eco-friendly strategies, reduce their carbon
footprint, and foster innovation in green technologies.

Social Responsibilities

In an interconnected world, companies have the duty to ensure fairness, inclusivity, and respect for human rights. This includes everything from labor
practices to community involvement and consumer protection.


Ethical leadership, transparency, and accountability are critical. Proper governance structures ensure that companies uphold the highest standards and consider long-term stakeholder impacts.


The Net Zero Commitment

The concept of ‘net zero’ refers to achieving a balance between greenhouse gases emitted and removed from the atmosphere.

As global temperatures rise, it’s paramount that:
  • Businesses adopt robust carbon reduction measures.
  • Invest in carbon capture and offset solutions to mitigate remaining emissions.
  • Innovate and transition to cleaner energy sources.

36.8 BT

CO2 Emmisions 2022


CO2 Growth in 1Y

Fueling the Transition

Sustainable Finance

Voy leads Sustainable finance by encompasses all financial instruments and decisions that account for ESG factors.

Green Bonds & Loans

Eco-friendly instruments fund projects like clean energy and sustainable farming.

ESG Integration

Portfolios now consider ESG risks for sustainability.

Transition Bonds

Funding for greener industry operations.


Collaboration across stakeholders is key for collective progress.

Regulation and Reporting

Clear ESG reporting and regulations boost trust.

Innovation and Education

Promoting sustainability and educating stakeholders speeds our path to resilience.

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ESG Scoring & Lending

VOY’s advanced innovative AI systems can assist in ESG scoring and measuring progress towards net
zero commitments.

AI can analyze vast amounts of data to calculate ESG scores. This includes quantifiable data like emissions levels, as well as more subjective data, like social impact. AI algorithms can examine patterns and correlations within this data, offering insights that human analysts might miss.

AI can also model potential future scenarios based on current ESG scores and policies. This can help organizations plan strategies to reach net zero targets.

AI can provide real-time monitoring and updates on ESG scores, giving investors and regulators up-to-date information on a company’s environmental and social impact.

Join the race to Net Zero

Join the Voy ESG movement to promote sustainable finance and contribute to the betterment of society and our planet.